Monday, 01 January 2018 09:06

Go with the Color Flow

    Color Flow is a cabinet with a lenticular surface that can change its colour depending on your position and movement.

    This visual change reminds the viewer about the relationship between the object and the user.

    We spend a lot of time with diverse objects around us in daily life. During that time, many activities happen, but we rarely know that.

    Colour is one of the most immediate characteristics of visual perception. So design studio Orijeen thought changing colour was the most effective and dramatic way that people recognise the interaction between the user and furniture through the lenticular process.

    By changing its colour depending on the user’s position and movement, she or he is able to immediately realise the connection between them. Orijeen hopes that this recognition might help people more actively and joyfully experience the objects and communicate with them.

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