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Taking acoustic design to new heights

    The design for 71 Above is influenced by the radial plan of the building it sits in. This is a continuous space allowing every seat in both the dining and lounge areas to enjoy the tower’s 360° panoramic views of Downtown Los Angeles.

    A key challenge to the design was how to manage the solar control. It was agreed upon that views of the city should be easily accessible, day or night. Considering that the restaurant is on the 71st floor, the selected glazing uses a special electrically controlled glass that changes opacity as the sun moves across the sky, minimising the heat and glare within the restaurant, and making any type of window coverings unnecessary.

    The electrically controlled glass is framed by thick steel columns clad in fire-proofing material. The steel columns are concealed by bent wood panels that curve out over the dining area just below the ceiling. The sides of the columns adjacent to the windows are clad entirely in mirrored glass making the columns disappear visually. Because of this, the windows appear wider than they actually are and the columns seem to be impossibly thin giving the illusion of a much more expansive view. In some areas, the wood panels conceal collapsible partitions that can be pulled out to make private dining rooms.


    Tag Front, in conjunction with Arktura, developed a system of custom hexagonally-shaped cellular coffers made of recycled plastic to dampen sound. The grid adapts to the complex, circular geometries of the building, filling most of the space while leaving strategic voids for the brass chandeliers to be suspended below them. This arrangement complements the city grid into the distance.

    The aesthetic environment is the result of a carefully selected and curated design by Tag Front. Details such as the handmade tiles behind the bar and on the walls were all specified. All furniture was either custom or specially altered in some way to complete the vision Tag Front had for 71 Above. The attention to detail is clearly visible in the rich variety of finishes chosen, including the fabrics, leathers, hardware, wood, marbles and colours.

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