Tuesday, 20 March 2018 11:28

Explore Franck de las Mercedes' latest art series

    New York City-based Artist Franck de las Mercedes has announced his new series Floret.

    Abstract and floral art collectors alike will be drawn to Franck de las Mercedes’ latest art series. The artist’s use of colour veers into the mood-altering, with electric tones and forms with an almost digital sense. In this new series of gestural flowers titled Floret, Franck de las Mercedes invites the viewer to experience his technique as well as the virtuosity of his subject. Painted on paper, the series combines both the abstract and figurative in overlapping fields of highly saturated colour combined with hieroglyphic-like text, resulting in energetic imagery that draws the eye across the entirety of the surface.

    “Having lived most of my life in New York City, I’ve always been drawn to a visual clash of urban colours, decaying walls, torn-up ads and the effect that time and the elements have on surfaces. This series of paintings was influenced by nature and vegetation in urban settings and the resilience they radiate in settings where they are not necessarily being cared for or expected to grow,” explains Franck.

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