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An invatation to discover the world of Le Corbusier’s colours: the Polychromie architecturale

    Secret d’Atelier invites people to discover the world of Le Corbusier’s colours: the Polychromie architecturale.

    This project was orchestrated in close collaboration with the Swiss colours, guardian of the ‘Polychromie architecturale’. Creating immediately appealed and an exclusive partnership was concluded. Secret d’Atelier is the only flooring company to be able to develop this remarkable colour palette. Professionalism, modernity and elegance of Secret d’Atelier floors blend the values of the heart of the Le Corbusier Foundation to provide a product and accomplished creations.

    This collection offers exclusive flooring by marriage to Le Corbusier’s colours. A collection that sealed the alliance of expertise and made-in-France craftsmanship with a global reach. The Le Corbusier collection immerses people in the delicate balance of this double heritage.

    Le Corbusier floors are endued with a strong and prestigious identity.

    A new collection of parquet lacquer finishes particularly suited to achieving the prestigious spaces and rigor.

    The Polychromie architecturale by Secret d’Atelier is composed of a palette of 11 colours.

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