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How to select a radiator for the kitchen

    Kitchens have become a focal point for the home – not only are they a space designed for families to cook together but a space for entertaining and bringing people together. It’s no wonder Bisque is regularly asked “which radiator is best for the kitchen?”. Of course, the answer will depend on the specifics of the kitchen.

    Sizing is an important factor to consider. Kitchens usually offer fewer options for radiator placement so available space will influence the model you choose. Tall and slim models are often popular for this space-saving reason.

    Kitchens are unusual spaces in that there can be a wide range of heat requirements, i.e. first thing in the morning you need a lot of heat but with the oven and other equipment going (plus lights and people), you will not want much at all. That is why it is vital to use thermostatic valves, as they will adjust the radiator output automatically. TRVs are also the environmentally-friendly valve choice.

    It is also worth thinking about hygiene when choosing appliances for the kitchen. Radiators that are easier to clean generally have a smooth finish as opposed to a textured finish. Pipework is generally better coming from the wall than up from the floor as this reduces dirt build-up and makes for easier cleaning of the floor.

    There are also certain considerations with different types of finish.

    Chrome radiators generally give a lower heat output and may not last as long as stronger finishes such as stainless steel but this, of course, depends on the quality and thickness of the chrome plating. Good quality should last a long time.

    Stainless steel is less prone to corrosion in moisture-heavy environments which is why it typically has a higher warranty. The variations in quality are smaller than chrome and that is why it has become popular over recent years.

    We also expect aluminium radiators to be used increasingly in kitchens as they respond faster to changes in temperature than other models.

    Last but not least, for kitchens it is also important to consider the overall look. A clever matching finish will set off the entire appearance. You can get radiators which complement the material of the worktops or a colour-matched radiator if a kitchen is painted; essentially, you can be as creative as you like.

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