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The rise of the metallic finish

    Recent years have seen a real interest in alternative finishes for doors, and metallic is right at the top of the list.

    The trend for copper, rose gold and gold finishes has definitely helped move this forward. Creating impact and the ability to be unique with earthy and natural elements is another reason for the rise as well.

    So, in which situation does a metallic door work?

    • Rendered homes with grey slate roofing and black, grey or rust windows
    • Homes with an element of copper, stone or steel cladding or trim
    • Homes where an impact is needed. For example, if the frontage has no interest at all and needs an impact.
    • Homes with oversized doors which need a ‘wow factor’
    • Homes with an architectural glazed wall.

    What would you need to take into account?

    • The maintenance – if the door is scratched or damaged, it’s harder to fix and, therefore, requires a specialist
    • The cost – these doors require quite a large budget due to the man hours involved
    • The change in finish as the material oxidises – eventually, the colour of the door will alter in appearance
    • Making sure the door is protected enough from weathering with a cover or overhang.

    How to choose the right finish for your door

    There are quite a few finishes to choose from – you could go quite rough and vintage with a finish that looks old from the minute it’s on; or go for a more polished, coppery feel.

    A few things to consider:

    • Marrying all the accessories around the door so that the whole concept works as a one – this includes the handle
    • The texture of the finish can be quite strong/impactful, so making sure the texture works is also essential. A contemporary building, for instance, may look better with something that is a little more industrial than sharp and polished.

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