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A modern co-working space

    Beza Projekt was commissioned to design the interiors for the Nest – an elegant workplace far from the mundane office spaces of yesteryear.

    The Nest is a place for a modern, confident person who values their time – they may work only a few hours a day or perhaps the whole weekend. The main goal was to create spaces that aren’t office-like. The line between work and leisure is being blurred.

    Beza Projekt was commissioned to design the interiors for the Nest and wanted to keep as much of the office as open-plan as possible whilst still creating something warm and rich in terms of details and textures.

    In contrast with the graphic and angular architecture of the building, Beza Projekt decided to create its own language of colours, patterns, textures and materials that would be very organic and vivid.

    Part of the Nest brand identity system is beautiful marbling textures made by Kasia Korzeniecka. Wallpapers were, therefore, produced following Nest’s brand colours to incorporate its name within the entire design. These bespoke designs are applied throughout the building to a series of floor-to-ceiling pillars. They change in terms of patterns, however, create a perception of consistency.

    The materials library included many custom details, such as ceramic tiles, wallpapers and carpets. Simple materials have been used such as coloured MDF combined with real wood veneer.

    Beza Projekt has designed two systems of furniture especially for the Nest. One is dedicated to the open space and consists of tables and sofas that can be combined together to make comfortable islands in the open area. It also includes special elevated places for plants or other items. The second system is dedicated strictly for the office areas; it consists of a desk, cabinets and two-sided bookstands. The goal was to give the users a spectrum of workplaces to choose from.

    Each floor introduces a slightly different layout and approach. The first floor has a coffee bar and a big lounge with hot desk places. The second floor is a child-friendly area – comprising a daycare room where you can leave your child with a qualified nanny, and work for a while. The third floor is a mix of open space and office space. The fourth floor is dedicated to events, the fifth floor is divided into office spaces and the sixth floor also has great offices and an amazing conference room at the very top of the building.

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