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Vick Vanlian talks to Inex about his out-of-the-ordinary designs

    Discovering his passion for design at the age of seven, Vick Vanlian was introduced to the world of design through his family’s business, Galerie Vanlian. His father took him to his first furniture fair in Milan when he was 10 and from there he decided to go on to study interior architecture at the Lebanese American University (LAU).

    Who has been your main source of inspiration throughout your career?

    My answer will have to be ‘what’ my main source of inspiration has been, to which I would have to answer life in general; family, friends and everything around me. Nature, my travels, books, movies, experiences, human interactions and conversations.

    I am quite the dreamer. I’m always present in whatever situation I am in, yet my head is often somewhere else; dreaming of things and situations and from that, most of my ideas emerge.

    Would you say that you have a design style?

    I like to mix and match different styles and eras when designing a space or a design piece. I like to tap into the senses; the past makes us feel nostalgic and gives us a sense of familiarity, whereas the present gives us comfort and security and I always like including something unseen and unexpected – something out of the ordinary that gives us a sense of the future.

    Can you please talk us through the inspiration behind your Beyond collection?

    The Beyond collection is a rich, sophisticated cosmogony of details and geometries of functional art pieces. Enriched by the unusual partition and three-dimensional extensions, this collection creates a new poetry reaching into the unexplored areas of modern design.

    What is the concept behind your Private Session collection?

    The Private Session collection reflects my love for fashion and the human body’s beauty. My aim is to capture their essence in timeless pieces, with celebrations of bright colours and the finest textures.

    Haute couture garments are frequently transitory in nature, enjoying few outings before succumbing to a wardrobe’s seasonal change. I, however, make them come to life and remain imperishable in the form of home decorative objects with a strong Neo-Pop style, which pays homage to the language of Jeff Koons and Takashi Murakami.

    What inspired your Refuse collection?

    The Refuse collection reveals a new style incorporating industrial pipes and intricate iron detailing, inspired by the tradition of ironmongers. This collection varies from chairs to chandeliers, all of which are compiled from found objects the artist gave new meaning to.

    What was the concept behind your La Casa Bellezza project?

    The idea for this project was a mix of vintage and urban with a unique character that leaves an impression on the visitors. The apartment aims to express the unique and personalised story of the owner’s journey and history – and I personally believe that this was achieved.

    What was the brief you received for the Leanna project?

    The aim of this project was to push the boundaries of design and dare to experiment with a mix of styles, colours and textures to produce an apartment with a unique vision and style. Urban, industrial chic with a touch of ‘pop’ is the mix for this project.

    What was the concept behind your project Maison D’elegance?

    I hold this innovative project in very high esteem due to the collaborative process and friendship that sprung from working with the client. I would describe the home’s decor and design as very strong and, mixed with the soft elegance of the furniture selection, it is a perfect reflection of the homeowner – a balance of classic, sleek, contemporary design with bold three-dimensional shapes.

    One of the primary inspirations for this project was ‘lines’. Lines were created and repeated in a way that was inspired by the lines found in a diamond pattern – using it in many of the details. These lines can be found in the tiling layout, the dinner table’s structure, selected coffee tables and door handles.

    The client was extremely involved in the project from the start and in every aspect possible, which culminated in a home that is innovative, time-honoured, luxurious, geometric and absolutely stunning – and a true reflection of its undoubtedly proud owner.

    For more information on Vick’s projects and designs, please visit his practice’s website.

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