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Architecture firm RG/A transforms Beirut’s nightlife with the launch of AHM

    Architecture firm RG/A is continuing with its transformation of Beirut’s nightlife with the launch of AHM – a ground-breaking dance pantheon located in Beirut, Lebanon.

    Anchored on the upcoming Waterfront District, the new nightclub is situated on 1200m² of reclaimed land and features a temple-like open top design that aims to reignite the imagination of the city’s club-goers.

    Drawing inspiration from the surrounding Mediterranean Sea, mast-like structures and linear lighting dominate the space, mirroring the formation of a ship on the sea and referring to Lebanon’s seafaring ancestors, who would embark on journeys that took them to the “ends of the Earth”.

    A circular focal point remains a constant within the space, emulating the iconic rising sun or a full moon and drawing eyes to the neighbouring cityscape outside. The vertical components play with light and provide a wayfaring sense of nostalgia and openness.

    Other design elements within the club can adapt to the rolling itinerary of themed nights, allowing adventurers to immerse themselves in an alternative voyage on each visit and create their own story within their minds.

    A trip to AHM allows visitors to escape reality and create a narrative that only they will experience. It is this that distinguishes it from the usual nightlife experience; it is not about being seen, it is about creating their own interpretation of their surroundings.

    Commenting on the new project, Founder Rabih Geha, states: “AHM took three months from conception to completion, it was a challenging journey and a thrill watching the project set sail on opening night!”.

    In a long-term bid to metamorphose Beirut’s current nightlife set-up, Geha explores authentic ways of telling a project’s story to bring in an experience that lasts forever.

    Known for its ability to weave architectural tales, RG/A has previously designed nightclub settings for Off and On, Uberhaus and most recently, Pre Beirut.

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